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FSC® Certificate - Forest Stewardship Council®

In 2003 Dankros Company was awarded the right to mark its products with FSC® Certificate. This was done thanks to the introduction of certification of wood in Polish forests.

Certification of forests attests that the forest industry meets the specific requirements and records the source of wood at every stage of its processing and production.

The most important thing in the FSC® Certification is the fact that it takes into consideration the economic profitability, that it is beneficial to the society and makes sure that natural environment is protected in forests.

The FSC® trade mark guarantees that the wood used in a given product comes from the forests in which internationally accepted economic rights and standards are observed. FSC® standards and criteria of forest management are the result of compromise taking into consideration social issues, the need to protect the natural environment and to ensure economic stability of forest industry.

In the West European states more than 80% of people prefer purchasing "green" materials, i.e. materials which are produced without causing harm to the environment. As far as wood products are concerned, the FSC® mark is a proof that the materials are "green" in this sense of a term. In many countries there have been set up the so called buyers groups – associations of companies and organizations which buy only the wood with the FSC® mark.
They control 25% of the whole wood market.

Certificates of Wood Technology Institute

DANKROS Company was also awarded the Certificate of Wood Technology Institute:

  • The certificate of conformity concerning technical and organizational conditions of wood drying according to IPPC/ISPM No.15:2009 standards.

The technology applied makes sure that the pallets and packages are manufactured without any traces of bark (this entitles their manufacturer to mark them with DB mark).

The machinery, equipment and the process applied dry the wood elements to the humidity level below 20% (KD mark on products) in such a way that they ensure the temperature of 56°C is maintained for at least 30 minutes inside the elements (the core) dried in chambers, which corresponds to the phytosanitary thermal procedure (the products are marked with HT).