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Due to the application of state-of-the-art technology we are proud to offer
DIN 68800, NEN 2945, EN351-2 wood preservation standards:

  • I category is the wood used under a roof (eg.: roof structure),
  • II category is the wood used under a roof but which may be exposed to adverse weather conditions ,
  • III category is the wood used outside without any contact with the ground ,
  • IV category is the wood used outside with the exposure to the ground and/or water,
  • V category is the wood exposed to sea water.

Pressure-vacuum wood preservation:

The process of pressure-vacuum wood preservation is based on removing air from the wood cells and replacing it with wood preservative. It takes place in modern computer controlled autoclaves.

Water solutions of CCA, CCB and chrome-free wood preservatives are used to saturate wood. The standard colour of wood refined in the process of preservation is green. We also offer wood in brown colour having undergone the preservation process.

The standard wood preservation process on offer complies with EN-351-1 standard; however, on our customer's request we can process it according to DIN 68800, NEN 2945 and other available national standards.

Quality control, sample collection, etc. are performed according to EN351-2 standard.
As concerns high quality pine wood preservation, it needs to be dried to the humidity of sapwood of maximum 25%. Our factories are equipped with modern drying chambers which can achieve the required humidity in relatively short time.

Wood preservation through immersion:

Wood preservation through immersion is mainly used to preserve timber for construction purposes, roof structures, wood used for construction frames, etc. It is performed in hydraulic tanks filled with the solution of wood preservative.