• WOOD PELLETS (pine) - high quality according to ENplus,
  • palisades, semi-palisades and peeled stilts,
  • orchard piles,
  • wood power poles,
  • elements for gardens (fences, wooden gates),
  • horse stables,
  • acoustic panels installed along motorways,
  • wooden road barriers,
  • production of structure wood – frame/skeleton wood, building wood (roof truss, scantlings, battens, lumber),
  • pallet components
  • elements of packaging,
  • planed floorboards,
  • wall boards,
  • plank wood.
  • wood preservation by immersion,
  • vacuum-pressure wood preservation in autoclave in III, IV class according to EN335, EN351 norms using Tanalith E 3475 or Korasit KS2 in brown or green colour,
  • impregnation certificates NTR for class A as well as CTB+ for class 4,  4SP,
  • drying wood in several computer-controlled chambers,
  • planing, milling and grinding,
  • wood processing with intelligent numerical control machine (CNC).


Dankros company was founded in 1991.
We have two manufacturing plants situated in south-east Poland.
75 % of our products are exported, mainly to Denmark, France, Italy, Germany Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia and Czech Republic.
We offer softwood timber: pine, fir-tree and spruce.

Technical parameters of DANKROS pellet:
  • High calorific value ≥ 16,5 MJ/kg (≥ 4,6kwh/kg)
  • Maximum humidity ≤ 10%
  • Bulk density 600 ≤BD≤ 750 kg/m3
  • Scanty content of ash ≤ 0,5%
  • Mechanical strength ≥ 98%
Available packing:
  • Bulk
  • Big bag

More information:
Marta Szukalska

ENplus A1

Impregnation certificate.

NTR A Certificate

Impregnation certificate.

The impregnation process takes place in autoclaves using non chromium Tanalith E3475.

The Wood Technology Institute Certification

Certificate of thermal wood treatment according to IPPC requirements.

CTB B+ Certificate

Certificate applies to impregnation.
The process takes place in autoclaves using non chromium Tanalith E3475 in 1-4th class as well as 4SP.

Factory Production Control Certification

Structural Timber with CE marking.

As a result of using the newest technology we offer impregnation according to EN335 norm:

1st class refers to wood used under the roof ( i.a. roof truss),
2nd class refers to wood used under the roof but exposed to moisture,
3rd class refers to wood used outdoors without ground contact,
4th class refers to wood used outdoors with ground contact and (or) water.

Vacuum pressure Impregnation:

Vacuum pressure impregnation process is based on sucking air out of the wood cells and pressing in the impregnating agent in its place.
The process is being executed in computer controlled autoclaves.

In saturation coating process we use CTB P+ certificate water solution impregnates : Korasit KS2 as well as Tanalith E 3475.
he standard color of enriched wood in the impregnation process is green.
Brown colour is also available in our impregnation offer.

Immersion Impregnation:

Immersion impregnation is mainly being used to secure building timber, roof trusses, structural timber etc.
It is carried out in hydraulic tanks filled with impregnation solution.

Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno Handlowe DANKROS Sp. z o.o.

Main offices

ul. Tartak 30, 37-470 Zaklików
tel./fax: 15 873 80 38
tel./fax: 15 873 84 04

Production facility Krościenko

Krościenko, 38-700 Ustrzyki Dolne
tel./fax: 13 461 14 69

Production facility Zaklików

ul. Tartak 30, 37-470 Zaklików
tel./fax: 15 873 80 38
tel./fax: 15 873 84 04

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